The Golden Age of Science Fiction is NOW!

 Here’s a link to The Golden Age of Science Fiction… another stellar Things That Won’t go Away column by Sarah Zettel over at BSC REVIEW

Definitely worth the read.

As Sarah points out, the biggest change has been the gender of the child protagonists.

"Because the final thing that was noticed by the publishing world was that while Harry Potter had a cross-gender appeal, the majority of the people buying the books were girls. So, the majority of the fantasy and science fiction that came onto the YA shelves post-Potter got aimed at girls."

… and this is indeed something brand new, and for authors like myself, who have been writing using female protagonists for years…. it is exciting.

"For the first time in the history of US publishing, most of the science fiction books on the shelves feature girls or women as active protagonists. YA SF is about girls growing up, discovering their own concerns, defeating their enemies and personal demons, girls falling in love (or not) and girls saving the world or the day."

"… And the books are selling. Not all are best sellers, to be sure, but they’re out there on Amazon, in the stores and in the libraries and more are coming."

You can bet on it.


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