Getting Unstuck … The Hard Way.

I need to echo another author’s blog topic today. Patricia C Wrede  is one of my favourite authors.

Her recent blog entry about Getting Stuck Part II  struck home because I have a three book series I’m working on where I’ve written myself into a corner because of *Reason B (see blog link for details)…. It’s called Not thinking things though. 

Book one was completed last year. I’ve almost completed book two and book three is already halfway written…  and that’s when my brain decided to go on hiatus as far as this particular project was concerned.

As she most helpfully wrote…

"These are the times when I’m stuck because my backbrain is much smarter than I am. It knows that there is something dreadfully, seriously wrong with the story, or about to be wrong with it if I continue in the direction I’m going, and it digs its little feet in and absolutely refuses to move until I fix whatever-it-is. This kind of stuckness usually happens when I think I do know what happens next, at least to some extent."

It was then that my brain decided to co-operate and I realised the reason I was stuck. I also discovered to my own chagrin that it has been sitting there and nagging at me quietly ever since I began work on the second book.

The resolution is going to be, at least for this writer, very painful… because it will involve rewriting part of book one.

I know it is necessary,  and it will ultimately make the entire series better… but do I really have to like it?


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