You CAN fool some of the people all of the time.

I do NOT write book reviews.

That said, I’ve just finished wandering though the world of The Magicians.

Word of Warning.

Despite the cute Web Content… This is NOT a book suitable for children.

Adults will find plenty of alcohol and drug abuse, meaningless gratuitous sex and violence.

Word of Advice?

If you suffer with any form of depression, please do NOT read the book.

… But again, this is not a book review. This is about the business of distraction and deception, of misdirection and even…. dare I even use the word… magic?

But the magic I refer to is the magic of the World Wide Web, and what this column is about is the business of selling an idea.

The concept of the book-within-a-book has been around for awhile, but it wasn’t until the advent of the World Wide Web that one was able to take all of the disparate elements necessary and use them to sell the idea of a book.

… and the amount of content, and the expense and effort that was put into all of this promotional content is staggeringly impressive.

First… we have the non-existent author site to promote non-existent books about the world. There is even a chapter excerpt of the first of these non-existent books.

This is followed by a website dedicated to the  world that doesn’t exist, an entire web-site dedicated to a non-existent school, and finally, there is one for The Book.


The reason I wrote the selling of an idea is simple;

If one were to judge the book by the content on these various sites, one might get the idea that this was a story about students at a school of magic that is not at all like Hogwarts, who go to strange land that is, and at the same time is not, like Narnia.

What the promotional material will not tell you is that terrible things happen, that the good guys die, and that the remaining protagonists are swayed by the dark side… and decide they like it.

It will also not tell you that the view of life, love and the world around us does not simply focus only on the negative side… it dwells there.

The entire story, while at times fascinating, is also extremely depressing.

The lessons learned are simple ones for adults to understand;

Power corrupts, love is for suckers, no good can come from doing good, and people are sheep who can be led and manipulated.

… especially into parting with money to buy the book.


While I’m on the subject of selling an idea….

I suppose it’s not at all surprising that the fictional author protagonist on ABC’s Drama Castle has had a book published out here in the real world.

No web content needed to sell this one;

Beginning the 10th of August, chapters of a novel titled Heat Wave, credited to Richard Castle, will debut on It will be released a chapter a week, for 10 weeks.

The full novel, published by Hyperion, will be available in bookstores of all kinds on September 29th. The story is a stand-alone mystery with cross-over elements to the on-screen story.

… And No! The real author has not been revealed.


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