On C.J’s Trail

Our intrepid reporter checked in last night. She was tired, nearly in tears, and in bad need of replacement travellers cheques that had been stolen by a sneaky squirrel monkey. 

It seems she had picked up a lead on C.J’s whereabouts.

Unfortunately, arriving when she did, there was little if any modern day transport available.

Undaunted, she followed the trail of the fugitive.

… and was thankful for the limited choice of transport, because he seemed to enjoy leading her on a merry chase through ever worsening terrain.

She was rewarded for her efforts when, after several days, she followed him to this cozy jungle hideaway

Unfortunately, the noisy shutter on her camera alerted her quary and he fled.

By the time she caught up with him again, the house he’d been renting under the alias, A. Bunny Wowbagger, was empty save for yet another well thumbed copy of Ménage à 20 and an empty bottle of a particularly fine Claret.

Undaunted, the search for the truth continues.

Disclaimer: This is part of an ongoing fictional story and in no way represents real events.

This story is dedicated to the online Goodreads group On Fiction Writing and the authors of the Ménage à 20.


About Gwendolyn McIntyre

Author, editor, businesswoman, musician, lover of jazz and horses. Chief investigator of all things that go BUMP in the night.
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