Whine and Cheese Anyone? The Winter Olympics

Sadly I’ve little time to sit and watch the olympics this year, so I’ve been relegated to catching news clips and summaries on the internet, and reading bits in local papers.

Regardless of the number of medals won, Team Canada is to be congratulated for their hard work and their honest wins.

What I am most heartened by has been the spirit and camaraderie, regardless of nationality, of the competitors.

Poor sportsmanship inevitably raises its ugly head. The behaviour of many of officials and the fans of the teams has left a lot to be desired. This is, (I would remind our comrades from Russia ) the Olympic Games and NOT a bunch of local footballers having a go at their arch rivals.

But the largest (by far) disappointment has been the poison I have seen spewing forth from the pens of far too many members of the fifth estate. Solidarity and national pride aside, it is not the job of the press to foment with caustic intent a series of of potentially serious international incidents.

On a lighter note…


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