We’re Not There Yet

 A survey, released last year declared that ‘the battle of the sexes was over’. 

Does that mean that women have equal opportunity and status in the workplace? That we are protected by non-discrimination laws that make sense and are enforced? Do we truly have Equal Rights? 

Not Hardly. 
Discrimination against women in the workplace and in society as a whole is far from over. 

Here’s a look backward and forward by a group of women staffers at Newsweek: ARE WE THERE YET?

Sex and Gender discrimination is far from over. One need only read the press to see the scandals that have occurred in the past year.

… And in business and industry, women still face discrimination.

From IDG Publications, NetworkWorld writer Ellen Messmer writes about gender discrimination-by-project-management.

So, No… we’re not there yet, and the truth of the matter is that we may never truly be.


About Gwendolyn McIntyre

Author, editor, businesswoman, musician, lover of jazz and horses. Chief investigator of all things that go BUMP in the night.
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