Friday Fish Wrap: The Late Edition

File this item under Farking Insanity and Complete Stupidity


I’m with Tammi on this one. Whatever you folks have been smoking down there, it’s time for detox.


I’m a fantasy writer, (Yes… one of  them) which often puts me on the wrong end of the argument with the SciFi crowd.

There are plenty of people out here in the real world who will opine that  fantasy fiction isn’t “real writing.” Science Fiction authors complain that fantasy writers too often take the ‘fluffy-bunny’ approach to writing, which is their way of saying we use too much ‘magic’ in our work.

The complaint is that Fantasy, or if you prefer ‘Speculative Fiction’ depends far too much on ‘crutches’ to work around a problem.  If a character gets in trouble, they simply reach into their bag of tricks.
What’s in the bag(man)? 
Nothing up my sleeve.

Not again Bullwinkle!

TaDa!  A fluffy bunny. OOPS!!! … Not exactly. 

Remember the old tales about St. Nick and his magic bag?

I’d bet even money Harry Potters room-of-requirements came from inside of it, as did Patricia Wrede’s magic pack (Talking to Dragons) that dispenses whatever one just happens to need. 

Then there’s Diane Duane’s wizards (Kit & Nita), who always have a "’pocket’ of temporal space" handy in which one can conveniently store a lot of things far too large for ones own pockets that, like J.K.Rowling’s sword in the sorting hat, might just come in handy.
But always with the caveat that it gives you what you need – and not what you want.

… Next Time: The Fluffy Bunny, Part II

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