Independent Book Places for Kids

Visiting Kansas City? Take a wander out to ‘mellifluous’ Brookside and visit The Reading Reptile.

This is a wonderful bookstore for children and parents alike. Take a few minutes to simply stare in amazement at the walls and ceilings (no… sorry, you’ll have to see it for yourself) before browsing the amazingly large book selection.

Illustration by Lisa Campbell Ernst

If you’re in the Chicago area, please don’t miss a visit to The Magic Tree Bookstore  in beautiful Oak Park. A great place for the young and adults alike.

And don’t forget Women & Children First on North Clark Street. The wonderful women who run this store are a national treasure.  Go… visit, browse, chat, buy a book…. Please.

If you’re in Milwaukee, please don’t pass up The Rainbow Booksellers on Vliet Street. This is another treasure in the world of independent bookstores. A great selection of children’s books in a relaxed  atmosphere.

Our last stop today is in Indianapolis at Kids Ink Bookstore on North Illinois Street. The link will take you to their Facebook Page.

A lovely little shop crammed full of children’s books and goodies. Definitely worth a visit, or tow, or more.


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