The Big Meow: Diane Duane’s crowdfunded publishing experiment.

I’ll let Corry Doctorow’s words do the explaining, so please read the linked article @ BoingBoing first.

Diane Duane’s crowdfunded publishing experiment finally concludes – Boing Boing.

I’ve been a fan of Diane’s work ever since my eldest brought So You Want To Be A Wizard home from the library.

Many years later, she and I continue to follow the adventures of Kit and Nita and all their friends in the Young Wizard series.

Some of those friends are cats, who also happen to be wizards in their own right, and The Big Meow is the third book Diane has written where Riow and her kin, the Feline Wizards, are the stars.

And so, with baited breath and prayers for Diane, we have been awaiting the completion of the book… which will, at long last soon be in our hands.

I’ll let Diane’s own words tell the whole story, then invite you to join her, her fans and friends at the YoungWizards website.

Until the next time,

Dai Stiho!


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