Pointing the finger: THAT’S RIGHT, let’s all BLAME THE CO-AUTHOR’s

There’s an interesting column over at e-Reads that leads off with …
Well, that is author Greg Mortensen’s  explanation for alleged factual lapses in his now questionable bestselling memoir Three Cups of Tea.
He’s blaming it all on his co-author, David Oliver Relin.
To quote further from the piece:
"Co-authors are usually recommended to principal authors by their agents or publishers. The writers are seasoned professionals and are considered reliable, responsible and reputable. They are almost invariably skillful and, like members of an elite guild, proud of their craftsmanship."
Yes, dammit… we are.
"Because in most instances they we are equally liable with the principal author for libel, plagiarism or other claims, they must be diligent researchers who double-check every fact, take scrupulous notes at interviews, and accept no statement at face value made by the author." 
Even if, like me, you’re a ghost.
"In fact they must be doubly diligent, covering not just their own ass but the author’s, too, because that author is all too often too busy, distracted or impatient to bother with details. Co-authors know that if they screw up, they may never work in this town again."
Which is why allegations like this cannot go unanswered. 
Which is why, I hope David makes a very loud, and very public stink over the allegations. 
Which is why I hope, for all of us who are Ands, Withs, As Told To’s and Ghosts that David… can.

About Gwendolyn McIntyre

Author, editor, businesswoman, musician, lover of jazz and horses. Chief investigator of all things that go BUMP in the night.
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