Rumour Control: Apple’s New Publishing Venture?

The rumours leading up to the recent Apple media event were many and varied.

It was first rumoured to be either a self-publishing venture or that the computer company was entering into the textbook business… referring to it as an “education” venture.

Well, I’m here to tell you it turned out to be a little of both.

Apple launched iBooks 2, a new multimedia textbook platform and iBooks Author, an easy authoring tool to create any kind of book – and publish them via the iBookstore. 

Both the new iBooks 2 app and iBooks Author app are free and available today.

Open the app and you’ll quickly discover that these aren’t your grandfathers textbooks.

They feature colourful layouts, multimedia (audio, video, animation, animated 3D models, interactive quizzes… and the list goes on).

An author can follow the templates or make up a new one by building a format in Apples Keynote program and drag-and-drop prepared materials like text and video right into the new book..

…and don’t be surprised when new templates and other media type plug-in’s soon begin appearing as add-on’s.

The new iBookstore textbook category is launching with high school textbooks from Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill and DK.

The books fall into the categories of biology, algebra and mathematics.

A new biology text, created in iBooks 2 format specifically for the launch, is Life on Earth by the highly acclaimed biologist E.O. Wilson. It will be available exclusively in the iBookstore.



In the coming weeks, Pages For Small Wages will be taking a look at the various ebook publishing platforms and applications currently available. We’ll try to show you some examples and give you the pros and cons of each… and we’ll be creating a publishing tools database at




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