LIke Shooting Fish In A Barrel: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

According to a report on Galleycat this morning, there are 335,924 people on LinkedIn who list “blogging” as one of their skills. They also have 1.5 million users who have listed “writing” as a skill while 824,000 added “editing” and 408,000 included “publishing.”

I think, if this was true, we should all hang up our spurs and ever despair of being published save on our own blogs. Thankfully, those statistics don’t mean what they say.

1.5 Million people say they know how to write. If that’s true, the educational system is truly failing us.

Okay, just teasing.

But… of those million and a half respondents, how many differentiate writing from being a writer... as in pursuing a professional career as a writer? The system doesn’t say… because the granularity of the skill set inventory is too coarse.

And what kind of skill is blogging? What advanced training and skills does one need to publish a Blog?

Now, remember, we’re not talking about writing the code necessary to create the web pages or to control the content formatting or visual images… but simply to open a text box and write words and/or upload images.

Have every single one of the 335,924 people who list blogging as a skill learned how to use a blog as a platform for business promotion, product marketing, sales, etc…?

My guess would be… NO! 

If Editing is selected as a skill, does that mean they know how to edit what they write or that they’re manuscript editors or book editors or only that they know how to use the spell-check tool?

Again, the granularity is too coarse to mean much unless you take the skill listings in the context of an individual members profile.

The same is true for the publishing statistics. Yes, I’m being sarcastic when I write that I’ve already “published” several items to my various blogs and media feeds this morning…

There is no granularity to be able to determine what kind of publishing the statistic refers to.

And having seen some of the published content and quality of some of those so-called writers writing… and editing, on their blogs, I think my doubts regarding the veracity of these statistics are justified.

Oh, and Happy St.Valentines Day! Hope yours isn’t a Massacre.


About Gwendolyn McIntyre

Author, editor, businesswoman, musician, lover of jazz and horses. Chief investigator of all things that go BUMP in the night.
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