Monday’s Musings: Books and Magic

Yes… it’s Tuesday. I somehow managed to get here a day late, but there’s a lot to cover so I beg your forbearance of my tardiness and hope what follows makes up for it.

Signs Of The Times:

This sign should be posted in every YA section of every bookstore.

I don’t know who to attribute this photo to, but whomever took it? Thank You!

Moving onward…

This coming Thursday is the Fifteenth Annual WORLD BOOK DAY.

World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and… (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading.

Find out more about this important and wonderful programme here.

The MAGIC of Books:

Sometimes, the story behind a novel is just as magical as the story itself.

So it is for Alma Alexander’s new bookMidnight At Spanish Gardens.

In a wonderful guest post at Erin Heartshorn’s Blog, Alma writes;

In a time between the indispensable Baedeker Travel Guides, which ruled the itineraries and were repositories of all geographical knowledge needed by turn-of-the-(last)-century travelers, and things like Google Earth and its hidden cameras which were still science fiction, the café known as “Spanish Gardens” managed to avoid appearing on any maps.

It was tucked away in a hidden courtyard at the end of an un-promising alley. There were no signs advertising its presence. If you did not know it was there, you would NEVER find it. But it was a special place, nonetheless, and it was a secret passed down from one generation of students to the next. It was a magical spot, something that lingers in the memories of everyone who ever passed through it, and they will all (even thirty years later) describe it to you in uncannily similar terms, like it had been preserved in amber.

This is a place which no longer exists in any version of our current reality, long gone, replaced by… other things. The secret courtyard and its treasures are no more, except in the mind and memory and spirit of each and every person who ever passed through it, a place of trysts, and of celebrations, and of sharing. All that remains, now, is the legend.

I entreat you to read the post in full, and I hope you’ll be as enchanted as I was.

Last but not least, it’s time for the 2012 SUVUDU Cage-Match, and the brackets have been announced. There’s more at the link.


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3 Responses to Monday’s Musings: Books and Magic

  1. A Novel Place says:

    I quite enjoy the YA sign. It made me happy =)

  2. Mike Keyton says:

    I liked the sound of Spanish Gardens. There are a few such places in Wales, though Welsh gardens tend to be wet : )

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