As debut author Jeanne Ryan has discovered, Sometimes a synopsis can do more than simply open a door. It can change ‘your world’ for the better.

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I think Mike’s description of the beast of marketing’s awakening was spot on. Which is why I took my little beastie to its usual haunts on the Internet this morning, and fed it a carb-heavy snack of tweets and status updates. While it naps, I’ll take part in an Emudebut tradition–using my first post to share that magical moment when chasing the dream became catching it.

Like many writers, it took multiple years and manuscripts, as well as a plethora of supporting documents, the most cumbersome of which was the synopsis. But since synopses were necessary for writing classes, grants and contests, as well as agent-seeking, I wrote them, grudgingly. To my surprise, by the third manuscript, people began mentioning how much they liked my synopses. Really? Those useless, ol’ things? Okay, it was better than hearing folks hated them, but hardly cartwheel-worthy.

Once I landed an agent, hah! No…

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2 Responses to

  1. Mike Keyton says:

    Interesting post, but the process still brings me down : (

  2. Gwendolyn McIntyre says:

    For some people it’s a talent. For others it’s a learned skill.

    … And for the rest of us it’s blood,sweat and tears. Hang in there, Mike. 🙂

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