The Friday Fishwrap: Journalism Goes Long

The New Republic is frankly an experiment. It is an attempt to find national audience for a journal of interpretation and opinion. Many people believe that such a journal is out of place in America; that if a periodical is to be popular, it must first of all be entertaining, or that if it is to be serious, it must be detached and select.

Those were the opening words written by the first editor and publisher of The New Republic… one hundred years ago. They were echoed this morning in an open letter to the readership by its new owner/editor, Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes.

Hughes believes there is a place in the digital world for long-form journalism, and seems confident that he can make the journal profitable.

We wish him luck.

The Evolving World of Queer Speculative Fiction:

One of the best things about speculative-fiction: writers of the genre have and continue to exploring the many possible variations of human existence.

From Samuel R. Delany to Ursula K. Le Guin to Caitlín R. Kiernan to Geoff Ryman and beyond, authors have covered some serious ground in the examination of gender and sexuality.

Author, columnist and Outer Alliance member Julia Rios gives us all, author and readers both, something to think about in her column: over at Reaching Into The QUILTBAG over at APEX Magazine.

March Madness:

Every day this month is a something day….  as if it were Hurry-up-and-get-done-and-over-with-it Month.

International Women’s Day  (Yes…we get one whole Day. Wow!)

Book Month

Read A book to a Child Day

… and of course,  thirty flavours of Eat Something Yummy-but-bad-for-you Day

It’s also the month in which falls St.Patricks Day, where almost-everyone wears something green and pretends to be Irish while eating and drinking green everything.

Talk about pure tongue-in-cheek blarney. Calling Dr.Seuss!

And last but not least…

Tooting Ones Own Horn:

Over at On Fiction Writing…

The first appearance of what I hope to be a regular monthly column I’m calling On Writing Well 

I hope you’ll like it.

… and that’s all for this week. Happy Friday, everyone.


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