The Friday Fishwrap Goes On A Journey

The most beautiful, imaginative … and yes, non-violent game I’ve ever played… one that will leave you in quiet contemplation and tears of joy. It’s Called Journey, and it comes from That Game Company (TGC).

I won’t waste time explaining it. Instead I invite you on a short video journey.

March Madness: Publishing Style

It seems some how appropriate that March Madness should be an event not limited to the NCAA.

In case you haven’t had your fill of the spreads with Villainous Villains over at Half Price Books or the 2012 Cage Match over at SUVUDU, you can join in the fun with Book Madness 21012 over at Out Of Print Clothing.

Take a wander over to PWxyz at Publishers Weekly, where Gabe Habash gives us the spread and the breakdown.

It’s been a busy week at OFW. The battle for hearts and minds and literary freedom for authors was engaged and resolved with the PayPal issue, and our Editors continue to be kept up nights having spirited discussions with dead authors for Ghost Writer.

When Characters Talk Back:

Never trust a writer who says this has never happened to them….

Wearin’ The Green:

And finally, tomorrow is the day when almost everyone wears green. We hope it’s your clothing and not you. From me and the wee editing ninja’s here at Pages For Small Wages, we wish you a safe and Happy St.Patrick’s Day.


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Author, editor, businesswoman, musician, lover of jazz and horses. Chief investigator of all things that go BUMP in the night.
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