The Friday Fishwrap Goes Chumming

The sign over there says it best… 

We get so easily distracted by social media in its many forms that we often procrastinate about doing the one thing we really need to be doing.

We become so obsessed with keeping up with our ‘friends’ on Facebook or who’s pinning what on Pinterest or who is circling who on Google+ or being all atwitter about it all on Twitter… that the job we’re supposed to be doing takes a back seat.

Sometimes it’s fear of failure or performance anxiety or simply stress caused by complications in our lives.

Whatever the reasons, the problems will not go away…. nor will that book ever be finished… if we don’t sit down and write it.

Elsewhere on WordPress, YA author Victoria Schwab has written a great column on overcoming overcoming procrastination and getting back to work.

Fact or Fiction:

It’s been a busy week at On Fiction Writing, where our motley crew of editors and contributors have been having a Dickens of a time talking to ghosts of writers past about writing,  and to authors present and accounted for about books and the business of publishing, but…

What’s More Than A Little Spooky:

If a certain business owner gets his way we won’t be able to call them books any more… at least not without paying for the right… because he’s trying to trademark and therefore own the word?  

More on this over at the Melville House blog.

In Case You Missed it:

In a final and oh-so-very-sweet piece of justice

In the legal victory over the copyright shysters Righthaven, a case notice was filed ordering the forfeit of all of Righthaven’s “intellectual and intangible property.”

More on this over at the Melville House blog.

Give Us A @£$%^&*! Break:

Everyone knew exactly what the phrase Fly Me To The Moon meant when Frank sang the song. Innuendo yes, but there was absolutely nothing vulgar about it.

Over at NPR, Monkey See editor Linda Holmes talks about the abuse of vulgarity in modern literature, music and daily life in Vulgar, Dirty and Wrong.

So, enough procrastination: It’s Friday!

Go, enjoy, read a book, or better yet… go write ‘that damn book’ you keep swearing about and finding reasons not to.

As for Me? My copy of author Jennifer A. Nielsen’s  first book in the Ascendance Trilogy: The False Prince arrived today. 


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2 Responses to The Friday Fishwrap Goes Chumming

  1. mikereverb says:

    But, but, but I need to know what my friends are doing on Facebook.

    And there’s a whole season of Battlestar Galactica that isn’t going to watch itself.

    And . . . and . . .

    Ok, I’ll go back to writing. *grumble*

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Cassie says:

    I need to take your advice and that signs advice. Sigh.

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