The Friday Fishwrap is Here, There and Everywhere

Writing is not a stress-free profession. Anyone who thinks it is has been using this method of stress reduction for far too long.

I  was briefly tempted to use it and a bottle of scotch earlier tonight after a blip of some sort eradicated the remainder of the this blog post… which was far longer in its original version, although given it is Friday, perhaps that is for the better?


Imagine sitting in a sterile room without a television, media player, smartphone, computer, e-reader or even a book or magazine – with only your own imagination for company.  You’d likely be approaching boredom or madness in short-order.

In todays globally interconnected world, with all of the eDevices at our disposal we have become so plugged-in and turned-on for so many hours of the day that the idea of being disconnected from the constant stimulus provided by the alarming quantities of data, music, video, ebooks, video games and general content…. the NOISE of the internet, is a concept that is rapidly becoming frightening to many people.

We see it in children who after too many hours of stimulus brought on by overindulging themselves playing video games will begin to twitch and fidget due to lack of external over-stimulus.

It is harmful for all of us unless we take the time to shutdown, to unwind and to allow our minds and bodies time to rest and heal. For it is during that quiet time that our minds process the information we absorb which in turn stimulates the creative centres of our brains.

Over-stimulated, we quickly become mentally exhausted and unable to sleep, which in turn leaves us mentally and emotionally debilitated to the point where we cannot function well until the state of lethargy wears off.

Over at MediaShift, Aran Levasseur reminds us Why We Need To Teach Mindfulness in this Digital Age


I Call Shenanigans on the Republicans trying to sneak yet another SOPA clone through Congress on the Q.T.

This is called; if at first you don’t succeed in pulling the wool over the publics eyes… try, try again but do it in secret for as long as possible.

H.R. 3523, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which is another re-hash of SOPA and PIPA, constitutes a substantial threat to the Internet as we know it.

The bill intends “to provide for the sharing of certain cyber threat intelligence and cyber threat information between the intelligence community and cybersecurity entities, and for other purposes.”

It is phrases like “of certain” and “for other purposes” that keep many of us in the Media and Information Technology industries from sleeping well at night.

According to a press release issued last week, the bill already has over a 100 congressional co-sponsors. Yet specifics of the bill are only now beginning to be made public.

Under CISPA, the federal government and certain other corporate interests could require ISPs and others to provide information on Internet users without warrant or probable cause, as long as the action is taken in the name of “cyber security.”

Read it carefully… H.R. 3523 is so purposely and intentionally vague regarding the specifics of when, how, why and who, that if passed would effectively eliminate any pretence to online privacy and Internet freedom.

You can find out more about this dangerous legislation here and at the EFF.

And Everywhere:

It’s Friday, and it’s a four-day weekend. Turn-off the smartphones and PDA’s and Digital Watchamacallit’s and get outdoors.

Get away from beeps and bloops, the pings and pongs. Turn off the creative engine and go enjoy living. Take a long walk on a nature trail or go horseback riding on a beach or take a hike in the mountains. Go play baseball or soccer with your kids or friends or spend time fishing at a quiet stream.

… Or simply enjoy doing nothing.



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