Monday Musings: Once Upon A Monday Dreary

“It’s quarter to three, and there’s no one in this place, except you and me….”

Since we’re not in a bar, you’ll have to chose your own libation of choice.

This past Friday, the argument between The Authors Guild and Google over its book-scanning project came to head in the Manhattan courtroom of Judge Denny Chin.

It appeared that His Honour intended to see this case finally come to trial as a class-action suit, but after Friday’s legal wrangling that may be in doubt. It is now up to the judge to determine whether the guild will be eligible to proceed as a member of the suit.

The Authors Guild has promised that even if Judge Chin finds for Google and denies the Authors Guild’s standing, the case against Google will go on with the remaining three named plaintiffs: Betty Miles, Joseph Goulden, and Jim Bouton.

After more than six years, the case could at last go to trial as early as September.

Motions for Summary Judgment are due to be filed by June 14, with all replies set to be by August 13.

So, set ’em up Joe. It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead?

The prognostication over whether books are dead continue unabated, with all manner of soothsayers and far-seers continuing to harp on the fate of physical books while having no earthly idea of the form their so-called replacement will manifest.

The form that published works have taken has continued to evolve since the day the first story was written upon a cave wall, so  whether it is upon a stone tablet or a Digital ‘page,’ a story is a story.

Revisionist History?

Throughout history, despots, psychopaths, religious fanatics and politicians have all tried to hide or destroy the truth whenever it hasn’t pleased them or been to their convenience.

A fact is and still remains a fact, regardless of whether it is written upon papyrus leaves or carved upon the walls in the depths of hell itself. The truth of history remains the truth, no matter how many libraries or books one burns, bans or otherwise tries to hide from the light of day.

Even if all books eventually became Digital in format, multiple methods will exist to retain their content and data in permanent archive format. No one is going to be allowed to decide that since what was written by others does not conform to their particular beliefs or morals or political persuasions that they are going to be allowed to erase them like a drawing done on an Etch-A-Sketch™.


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One Response to Monday Musings: Once Upon A Monday Dreary

  1. Mike Keyton says:

    That I think is one of the dangers of ebooks. Airbrushing history becomes just a little bit easier. On a trivial note there’s a collection out there called the Complete Edgar Wallace stories. Only there’s one book not included – called, as I remember, The Yellow Snake. Outrageously racist by our standards but crucial to understanding the culture of the 1920’s. As the last yellowing pulps fade from the library shelves so to will this book, and that I fear is the danger. Even the liberal can be tyrannical.

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