The Friday Fishwrap Returns With A Boatload

Happy Friday, dear friends and followers, and welcome to another edition of The Friday Fishwrap.

There’s been a lot of noise about the validity of Amazon Reviews. It comes down to ‘professional’ Critic .vs. Public Feedback. Critics say readers are biased, but it turns out that in many cases the paid professionals are more biased that they want to admit to and that the average feedback by consumers is more likely to reflect the true worth, or lack thereof, of a particular book.

Over at, Editor-In-Chief Carlos J Cortes does the numbers for us.

Editing, like writing, is an art, and it takes a lot of effort by both writer and editor… in-concert, to take that co-called “finished” manuscript and turn it into a book.

Publishers and agents have submission standards, and No, it’s not an IQ test to see if you, the writer, can follow directions. You can read more about it in my monthly column On Writing Well.

 In a sad note, we say a fond farewell to the University of Missouri Press, which  will be shutting down this July after more than five decades of operation.

The announcement was made by UM President Tim Wolfe this Thursday. The press published about 30 books a year. It will begin to be phased out in July, although no specifics have as yet been announced.

In the United States, this coming Monday is Memorial Day, the day upon which we remember those who gave their lives for their country.

Let them not be forgotten.

It also means that yet another three-day Weekend has begun. Many of us will be spending this time travelling on short holidays, so please: slow down, be safe and be careful out there.


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