The Friday Fishwrap: May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Words To Live By

There are a lot of words that, by themselves mean nothing, but in conjunction with other words can gain you followers… and some of them might be unwanted.  

There is a list of keywords that the United States governments Department of Homeland Security (DHS) scans the internet for. Find enough of them in the same Blogs or web-sites and you can bet that the DHS or some other TLA (Three Letter Acronym) Agency will be watching and/or analysing your pages to see if you are a threat to National Security.

Lifehacker has published a complete list here. 

… And although it may cause a tempest-in-a-tea-cup… No, reading this will not cause an epidemic… We Hope.

Kiss Your Internet (and personal) Privacy Goodbye

Despite efforts to the contrary, the U.S. House of Republican Zealots Representatives approved CISPA earlier this year and now the U.S. Senate has to analyze it. If CISPA passes,  federal agencies will have the right to invade and share the personal information and online correspondence of anyone living in the U.S.

..And those who already collect private information… like social network websites?

They’ll be protected by this law… and can freely share this type of information… with the government.

Meanwhile… Back at The Ranch

While everyone was busy paying attention to The Zook and the less-than-stellar FaceBook IPO, a non-profit group called Fight for the Future had a an insanely great idea… and created the Internet Defense League.

The Internet Defense League’s logo is a Batman-like alert signal: a perfect choice.

Any website, blog or even a YouTube channel can join this league and fight against anti-piracy laws.  You join the league by accessing their website and signing up to receive a “sample alert code.”

The next time there’s an emergency, the league will inform you and send new code. Then, according to the league, it’s your decision to “pull the trigger” and activate its emergency broadcast system.

An impressive group have already joined the league, among them: Reddit, Mozilla, WordPress, Chezburger, Craiglist, Imgur, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Cloudflare. 

and they’re just getting started.

And finally for this Friday, OFW Editor-In-Chief Carlos J Cortes takes a look at the increasing sales in export books and examines the topic of Ethical Censorship.

Have a great weekend, and Write Well.


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