The Friday Fishwrap: Remembers When

This has been a week to remember the past and look forward to the future.

On Tuesday, June fifth, 2012 we said a sad farewell to a great author. Ray Bradbury was 91 years old. Although he is remembered most for his contributions to Science Fiction,  he was, and considered himself to be an author of fantasy. He was a consummate observer and reporter of the human condition… with all its foibles.


Wednesday, June sixth, 1944 was D-Day, the day the joint Allied Armed Forces launched the invasion that would lead to the retaking of Europe and the end of World War II.

Wednesday, June sixth, 2012 was IpV6 Day, the day that Internet addressing began to change for the better.

The difference between these two momentous occasions is that on Wednesday, nothing [bad] happened. We flipped a few switches, just as we have for each test of the new addressing scheme, and it worked.  The only difference is that this time we’ve left them on. 

Only one percent of the world wide internet is using IPv6 as we speak, but it’s a one hundred sixty-seven percent (167%) improvement from the day before.

We expect to see the most IpV6 usage growth first in the enterprise and business commerce arenas over the next two years.

As for most internet users, the effect will (for now) be relatively transparent… as it should be.

Mac & Cheese

Twenty-five years ago, on June 7th, Apple released the Mac II, the first Open-Architecture Mac. It helped Apple survive and thrive in the end-user and Enterprise marketplace during the years Steve Jobs was away from the company he co-founded, at a time when it was needed.   

Happy Anniversary to the big Open Mac!


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3 Responses to The Friday Fishwrap: Remembers When

  1. Mike Keyton says:

    Gwen, what is IPv6 when it’s at home?

    • The replacement for IPv4, the internet addressing scheme we use now, which is already running out of numbers. The new scheme is, for all intent and purpose, unlimited. (364 trillion trillion trillion addresses)

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