Monday Musings: Baked And Overloaded

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  

The problem with self-publishing is: too many books are published too soon.

Count my voice as just one amongst many across the publishing world that continue to advise self-publishers to get help with editing. 

Not just copyediting but story editing as well. 

More at Forbes On-line.

… Next Up… 

The Department Of Information Overload 

How much of your day do you spend on Social Media, email, mobile chat, etc?

I’d be willing to bet the answer is: far too much.  

When it cuts into your productivity and begins to affect your life and your relationship with family and friends, it’s time to stop and take stock.

OFW Editor-In-Chief Carlos Cortes has done just that, and has some sage words of advice about this dangerous addiction.

And last but not least, it really is…

The Long Hot Summer

With forest fires ablaze in Colorado and elsewhere, average daily temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit across the midwest, and what rain we do get being either too little or too much to do more than be runoff into storm sewers, the summer drought of 2012 may be the worst we’ve seen in years. 

Overloaded power grids can easily become as fragile as raw eggs and air conditioning systems becomes prone to break-down and over-heating, which in turn can cause homes to turn from cool shelter to blazing inferno in a blink. So keep cool, but conserve your energy use.

I know it’s the fourth of July holiday week, but with this weather, outdoor barbecue can cause grass fires that just as quickly turn into flash fires and/or third degree burns or worse.

If you must shoot off fireworks, keep the water hose or buckets of water and sand handy to put out the flames.

Take it easy with that favourite brand of fire-water, especially in this heat, for a little will go a long way.

And whatever else you do, Please… Do NOT Drink and Drive.

You don’t want to become 


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